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Investment Funds Advisor

Manulife Wealth Inc.

Life Insurance Advisor,

ClearPath Wealth Management Inc.

Kristi is an Investment Funds Advisors who holds a Certified Financial Planner® designation with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Kristi is proud to be a Partner at ClearPath Wealth Management Inc, a Kelowna-based wealth management firm where she is surrounded by a strong and knowledgeable team of experienced advisors.

Kristi is passionate about wealth management and has assisted and empowered hundreds of clients to better their financial future. She believes that people have the potential to take control of their future through knowledge and awareness. This perspective was instilled in her from a young age, specifically from her mother, who was also an advisor for 20 years.

Earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree as a Finance major was just the start of her financial education. Kristi currently maintains the Certified Financial Planner designation which is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada. She is also an Investment Funds Advisor at Manulife Wealth Inc. and Life Insurance Agent at ClearPath Wealth Management Inc.

Kristi and her husband, Tim, live an active lifestyle with their two energetic girls and they love living in the beautiful Okanagan.​

Direct Phone: (236) 420-5835 I Direct Fax: (236) 420- 5845

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